Dr Cassandra Mougiakou: Vibrational Wellbeing

Have you NOT been feeling well, but were told by doctors there were nothing “wrong” with you? Have you tried all kinds of medications and treatments, but still could not get rid of your illness? If so, you are not alone! Before the evidence-based medicine can detect something wrong in the body, energetic and functional changes are already happening.

During this important window, energy balancing could be of vital importance to restore wellbeing. That is why more people are turning to holistic and natural solutions when mainstream medicine fails to help them. Bioenergetic technology is one of the emerging fields in wellness industry and holistic care. 

TCCII Wellness Forum is thrilled to have Dr. Cassandra Mougiakou as our honored speaker for a live broadcast. Cassandra works in Europe and lectures world-wide in using bioenergetic technology to provide holistic care. A chief designer of THERA, a wellness device from Galaxy Health Technology, Dr. Cassandra will discuss how to achieve vibrant health through balancing our bodies' bioenergy. 

Dr. Cassandra is a specialist in internal medicine based in Athens Greece.  Since 2001 she has been working with the BiCom bioenergetic method which has over 50 years of usage in European clinics. She established her own WELLBEING Center of Preventive and Regulatory Medicine Clinic in 2002. Cassandra is a worldwide lecturer and trainer of this cutting-edge technology. She has brought years of her expertise into the design of the THERA device, and her own valuable insights and unique protocols in her trainings. Since 2018 she is the Medical and Wellness Director at Galaxy Health Technology supporting the THERA technology in the USA.

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