Heartful Eating Soulful Drinking Mindful Artisanship

TCCII is proud to present an immersive cultural experience of Zen living. We show you how foods and drinks are not merely sustenance for the body, but also nourishments for the heart and soul. Your hands, eyes and nose also will engage in mindful artisanship, where daily living interweaves with arts and creativity seamlessly. Our masterful instructors will tailor-make cultural and educational programs uniquely for YOU: whether an elegant tea party, mother-child interplay, friendship building, cultural enrichment, or an unforgettable celebration of any special occasion! 

In an intimate and exquisite setting, you will not only witness the elegance of tea ceremony, antient crafts, and fine dining, but also get immersed in a rich Zen lifestyle that is fading away from us quickly.  All your FIVE senses will be mobilized to experience the charm of exotic cultural elements from a distant time. Past participants have been lingering long afterwards, reluctant to leave but bringing with them long-lasting memories!

For inquires please Email [email protected]
Please provide the number of people and desired themes, and we will take it from there! Then you sit tight for a special immersion that suits your budget!



预定方式:电邮 [email protected]
凯蒂老师小班花艺课--For Flower Arrangement Class, Please email [email protected]





Why cultivatinge arts of living?
Because we NEED to slow down and smell the Roses.
Our mind-body thrives on it!
Our heart-mind delights in it!

For Flower Arrangement class, please Email [email protected]
We will customize a joyful experience based on your budget!