2-year tuition $1,680 (Monthly Plan Available)

Scholar Qigong - One Time Payment

ZHINENG GONG (智能功) is a complete and integrative system for activating human energy in all dimensions, and for ultimately opening one's heart and mind to the highest consciousness. Zhineng Gong also provides an effective path to take charge of one's physical health and empower healthy living.

Two-year Tuition:
One time payment: $1,680
Monthly Payment: $1,800 ($75x24)

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Schedule and Hours:
Start Jan. 7, 2023, End Dec. 21, 2024
10:00-11:30 am New York Time
3:00-4:30pm London Time
First and Third Saturdays Every Month 
Two-year program (24 months, 48 classes with 72 Contact Hours in total) 

The whole system is structured in 8 modules, each module takes 6 classes to complete. The whole program lasts two calendar years. After registration a detailed curriculum in Chinese and English will be available for you to download.

All classes will be recorded and available for replays at your convenience during the two-year period. 


系统学习: 整套系统, 扎实筑基, 外加季节调理, 组场调气, 中医养生经络按摩常识