Dr. Jack Fu Invites you to his Spring Bootcamp:
Time for Taichi and Bigu Fasting

From March 4 to March 25, 2023, Dr. Jack Fu will hold an online health bootcamp focusing on spring detoxing and energy fasting. During the 21 days of the bootcamp, Dr. Fu will teach the ancient Taoist practice of Bigu ( 辟谷), complimented with daily Qigong and Taichi practice. Through this consistent and intensive training, Dr. Fu will guide you to reboot your digestive system, train the body-mind to collect and obtain energy from nature rather than relying on food only, and reach higher efficiency in both physical and mental functions.  

A licensed acupuncturist in California, Dr. Xueli (Jack) Fu is also the president of the American Institute of Martial Arts and Integrative Medicine, and two-time world Tai Chi champion. As a recognized expert in his field, Dr. Fu is a firm believer and practitioner of chi energy fasting, especially in the springtime when the Yang energy is rising in the human body and in nature. After successfully holding many classes of spring fasting, Dr. Fu is opening this year’s bootcamp online, so you can benefit from this antient method without leaving your house.

Please come and check it out from the FREE public seminar on February 25th this Saturday, starting at 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time (Zoom meeting ID: 868 5915 0816, Passcode: 1314). Dr. Fu can answer your questions and advice whether it is suitable for you to join this spring bootcamp!

In Taoist practice, "bigu" (辟谷) practice involves abstaining from grains and other staple foods. The term "bigu" literally means "avoiding grains." Instead of converting food to energy, the practice teaches you how to collect chi energy from nature, through exercises like Qigong and Taichi. The purpose of Bigu fasting is to cultivate the body's inner energy and promote physical and spiritual well-being. Traditional Chinese medicine also thinks over-consuming heavy foods not only burden the digestive system but also interfere with the body's natural flow of energy. Bigu fasting has been used for thousands of years to purify the body and mind, eliminate toxins and impurities, and reset the digestive system for better functions.  It is no wonder that many cultures and faith traditions also use fasting for similar purposes.

In recent years this antient practice of fasting has regaining popularity as studies have shown more and more health benefits.The most important benefit is improved metabolic health, help regulating blood sugar levels, and improve insulin sensitivity, and help reduce calorie intake and promote fat burning. Fasting can show to enhance immune functions by reducing inflammation and promoting white cells production. Fasting has been shown to promote the growth of new nerve cells in the brain, improve cognitive function, and reduce the risk of age-related cognitive decline.

However, Bigu fasting is not suited for everyone. TCCII invites you to our public seminar this coming Saturday Feb 25, 8pmPST, and consult Dr. Fu ahead of time whether this Spring Bootcamp is for YOU!

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• Doctor of Oriental Medicine
  • Licensed Acupuncturist in California ,NCCOM certificate
  *Lifetime Executive President of the World Federation of Societies of Integrative Medicine
  *Dean of the Institute of Continuing Education and Extension, East-West Medicine University,Vice president of East-West Medicine University,
Tenured professor of EWMU
  • President of the American Institute of Martial Arts and Integrative Medicine
• t h e D e p u t y Director and adjunct Professor of department of
Integrated Medicine, School Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lincoln University, Malaysia
Executive Vice President of Emei Academy of Martial Arts
  • Eight Duan of Chinese Wushu
  • 8th dan black belt in the World Wushu Sanshou Federation
  • Two-time Tai Chi and Tai Chi Push Hand World Champion
  • The sixth generation of Yang-style Tai Chi master
  . Expert Committee on Global Diseases.
  •Vice Chairman of the Traditional Medicine Cooperation Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicines
  • Chairman of the Jury Committee of Chinese Kung Fu Qigong Experts of the World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • 2007 American "Kung Fu" magazine cover-featured Master
  • Released a 7-disc set of Tai Chi English teaching DVDs, and created Emei "Qi Acupuncture".
  •Dr. Fu is a representative of the E School, a famous American Wushu Master Hall of Fame Master
  • Since 2010, the list of world famous Wushu Qigong Tai Chi masters has been collected every year
  • Dr. Fu and his long-disciple, Dr Ed Wagner, treat patients at the clinic "Time To Health" near Malibu, California which is in the top 10 in the United States in treatment with natural remedies.
  • Dr. Fu studied specialized techniques of treatment with Bo Zhiyun (abdomen) Jiao Fa (head acupuncture) Lu Feng (jumping needle) Song Zhenzhi (freehand modeling) Peng Zengfu (trigger point) Lu Shengchun (needle floating knife) Hua (clockwise needle) Zhong nearly 50 famous moxibustion masters. Dr. Fu uses commonly used combination of "cultivation and treatment" in diagnosis and treatment practice to fundamentally treat and fundamentally help Emei's unique internal strength practice, which is good at effectively treating symptoms related to stroke, quickly stopping any type of pain, addressing infertility,  depression, and treating symptoms of cancer. Dr. Fu has more than 100 disciples in the United States.

 Spring camp curriculum

Class contents:

1. Energy fasting Qigong and Yang Style Taichi: for optimal chi energy collection and refining, and help maintain normal functions during fasting.
2. Acupressure technique: during fasting, it is much more efficient to make chi adjustment. Dr. Fu will introduce acupressure points for relieving chi blockages.   
3. Traditional Chinese medicine principles for spring season. 

Class time:
Schedule 1: PST 8-9am,EST 11-12noon
Schedule 2: PST 3-4pm, EST 6-7pm
*Daily practice will alternate between the two schedules to benefit the majority in the class. 
**Q&A time will be arranged during the bootcamp.

Registration and tuition:
Please use the registration button on this page to make the payment. Zoom link for the bootcamp will be emailed to you after registration. 
Terms and Conditions
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